How does your home make you feel? Have you ever thought about how your home makes you feel?

Without realizing it, the way our spaces are designed and the items within hold great influence over our us.

Maybe you're someone who lives a chaotic lifestyle who needs a minimal home that gives you ease of mind. Or, maybe you need the opposite — a home filled with intricacies that create a cozy ambiance.

The design of the space you live in is an extension of who you are. Having the ability to create spaces connected to your needs will improve your happiness and well-being.

There is no fundamentally right answer on how you should design or decorate a home. You grow as people and your home will forever grow with you. Family growth, lifestyle changes, and the need for home improvements will continue to influence the way you design your space over the years.

The home that you have the power to influence has the power to influence you. Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling — how will you influence a feeling in your home?

Design Pamela Malkin